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Deployment Planning specialist / Replenishment Planner

Deployment Planning specialist / Replenishment Planner

Our valued client in Saudi Arabia is looking for Deployment Planning specialist / Replenishment Planner.


upto 10,000SR

/ month


Company Profile

500 Employees



BS degree in logistics

Job Description

Job purpose

*Controlling the delivery of goods more efficiently by determining which goods, in what quantities, and at what location are required to

   meet demand.

*The goal is to minimize shortages and reduce the costs of ordering, transporting, and holding goods.

Duties and responsibilities

*Plan and coordinate product distribution activities for each customer.

*Controlling the stock on daily basis.

*Create stock transfer order.

*Coordinate with the demand planning team for order compliance

*Maintain distribution records and monitor pending shipments.

*Track distribution orders.

*Work with Materials department to determine shortages and excess of supplies of FG.

*Coordinate with Material department to arrange supplies for distributions.

*Analyze and resolve delivery issues on spot.

*Provide assistance to the warehouse, materials, IT, and transportation teams when needed.

*Review and recommend improvements to current product distribution parameters…

*Develop continuous improvement initiatives to increase efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

*Coordinate with the Manager to meet or exceed customer demands.

Qualifications & Skills 

*BS degree in logistics, supply chain management or business administration

*Highly effective supervisory skills.

*Ability to measure, analyze and control problems.

*Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

*Strong organizational and time management skills.

*FMCG & retail experience.

*SAP is a must

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